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About Us

About Us

A Reputation

25 Years in the

Southwest BM PYT LTD. is an independent BMW & Mini auto repair and maintenance service center, and has been catering to Brisbane and nearby areas for the last 25 years. We especially focus on BMW luxury vehicle and Mini Cooper servicing in order to deliver A-grade, highly focused service to our customers. We believe that these luxury and premium cars deserve the utmost attention when it comes to auto repairs and overall vehicle maintenance for steady or boosted performance. Hence, we have tapped into this niche yet elite brand, giving our customers and their vehicles our very best.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop a long-lasting relationship with our customers, based on integrity, loyalty and trust. With our unrivalled services, meticulous attention to detail, and use of superior components when it comes to replacements or exchanges, we strive to earn our clients’ loyalty and become their Number 1 choice as a BMW & Mini auto repair bodyshop in Queensland.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring quality and affordability together. A vehicle brand as awe-striking as BMW deserves superior care in order to enjoy an upgraded performance. This is precisely why, with integrity, enthusiasm and devotion to customer care, we bring luxury treatment to your luxury car at the most market competitive rates.

Core Values


of Our Service

Auto servicing your car is an essential task that should not be ignored or forgotten.

Customer-Oriented Service

Our services as designed to cater to all our customers’ needs when it comes to BMW and Mini Cooper repairs and maintenance.

Affordable Prices

We offer avant-garde services with cutting-edge techniques at highly competent pricing, without any hidden surcharges.

Car Parts

Southwest BM strictly uses top-tier car parts for replacements and exchange purposes, guaranteeing a performance and functionality upgrade.

Ron Prasad

Certified Technician

Meet The


The mastermind behind SouthWest BM PTY LTD, Ron takes pride in the high-tech services offered by our organization. Ron and his team of expert technicians at Southwest BM are impressively experienced and certified BMW-Recognized Technicians with BMW AUSTRALIA, catering to Brisbane and nearby areas. Our team employs the most advanced servicing methods including a comprehensive diagnostics procedure to offer maintenance and other services to your BMW and Mini Cooper.

Boasting over 25 years of experience in catering to BMW and Mini Automobiles, we have earned our place as a highly esteemed BMW Dealership and Independent Automobile Workshop in the Queensland area. Owing to our dedication to intelligent and comprehensive BMW services, we specialize in BMW and Mini services only, which enables us to give your luxury car the treatment it deserves. Incorporating state-of-the-art equipment, modern technology and latest methods in our routine maintenance and servicing, Ron and his team succeed in boosting your vehicle’s overall performance.

Our Service


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