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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Mini Cooper?

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘Mini’ is not a car brand in its own. This compact, economy car is actually one of the many models released by the German automotive giant, BMW. Originally released in 1959, the Mini was once designed by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) until it was sold to BMW in 1999.

The latter went on to release the Mini under their own brand name from 2001 and onwards.

From 1959 till today, the Mini has maintained its’ position in the world of automotive as a reliable, economy car that is known for its unique look and impeccable speed. It’s a vehicle desired by many. However, before you go into actually investing in a Mini Cooper, you need to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

Owning a Mini Cooper: Pros

1. Unique Design and Customization

No matter where you go, you’re bound to make heads turn in your Mini Cooper. The vehicle does not come in a set standard number of designs to choose from. Instead, BMW customers have the option of logging into the official site for BMW and customizing their Mini Coopers online.

2. Affordability

BMW is a brand synonymous with the word luxury. The German manufacturer has maintained their position as one of the best, and consequently one of the most costly, vehicle brands in the world. Mini Coopers are therefore inexpensive versions brought about by the same manufacturer.

The company isn’t one to compromise on quality. Owning a Mini Cooper ensures that you have the reliability of the company, but aren’t paying an arm and a leg for it.

3. Compactness

The compactness of a Mini Cooper gives two primary advantages: accelerated speeds and ridding owners from parking hassles. A Mini Cooper can accelerate to great speeds, is fun to drive, and also easy to park.

The car is basically built as a two-unit vehicle intended to be used by people who are looking for a fun way to get around town.

4. Spacious Cabins

Adding onto the aforementioned advantage, a Mini Cooper has a surprisingly spacious cabin even though the car was designed to stay compact. A Mini Cooper can comfortably fit two passengers plus their carry-ons.

5. Minimal Maintenance Costs

Unlike other cars released by BMW, Mini Coopers do not need to be hauled to the mechanic every so often. In fact, you’ll probably end up using the car’s three-year warranty only once – that too if necessary.

Experts have determined that a Mini Cooper can go two years without a visit to the mechanic. However, the same experts would also recommend that you keep up with regular up-keep of your Mini Cooper to avoid any issues with the vehicle later on.

6.  High Resale Value

Mini Coopers have high trade-in values. Most cars can only give you back so much when you decide to sell it. A Mini Cooper, on the other hand, can give you back roughly the same amount you originally put into the car.

This is, however, subject to how well the car has been kept during this time.

Owning a Mini Cooper: Cons

1. Dealerships are Few and Far in Between

Notwithstanding the fact that a Mini Cooper is a more affordable variant of a BMW vehicle, it is still a BMW vehicle. Finding a BMW dealership might be a hassle especially if you’re from a smaller town.

Dealerships are few and far in between. The odds of finding one in your area are pretty slim. Make sure you find one that offers flatbed services to your location or at least to one that is accessible.

2. They Can Get Expensive

With customizations and different models, a Mini Cooper can go from being a potentially in-expensive vehicle to a pretty expensive one. It might be fair to mention that a Mini Cooper is only considered in-expensive when compared to other vehicles in BMW’s catalogue. The car in itself isn’t typically considered cheap.

3. Not a Family Car

It’s in the name – a Mini Cooper can only fit two people. That too is the vehicle’s maximum capacity. If you’re looking for something for your family to drive in, a Mini Cooper wouldn’t be it.


With all things said, a Mini Cooper is an economy-built, compact, and reliable car known for having unique designs and enhanced speed. The car is, however, not without its’ fair share of disadvantages. Primarily it’s limited space and relatively high repair costs.

Looking for a Mini Cooper specialist in Brisbane? Contact Southwest Repairs and Services today for a consultation. Our experts specialize in Mini Cooper engines and rebuilds to give you better insight into the vehicle.

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